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Monday, April 9, 2012

Uzhavarappani at Acharapakkam

Uzhavarappani at Acharapakkam Aatcheeswarar Temple was done by us yesterday(08 Apr.2012) as announced in the previous post.  About 25 of our volunteers stayed there  the previous night, thanks to the meticulous arrangements by Shri Parthiban of State Bank of India, a native of that village. Twenty more volunteers joined us the next day.

Upon entering the temple, we had a pleasant surprise. The Utsava Idol of Saint Thirunavukarasar (the fore-runner to all the present day Uzhavarappani movements), was at the entrance with uzhavaaram decked in his hand, as if to welcome and bless us on our mission.

After having a darshan of all the Deities, we took upon the task of  removing the over grown bushes and the dried leaves  in the outer praharam.  They were later heaped and a bonfire of it made

The ladies and children accompanying us were busy cleaning the Thiruvachi (the metallic arch which can be seen behind the moolavar) of the deities and various other deepams and lamps used in the daily pooja.  Daughter of our volunteer Govindarajan, an under-10 kid, is seen here busily involved in the cleaning.

These young boys are attending to the job of removing  accumulated grime and dirt in the Navagraha sannadhi.  Their devotion is expressed through their utmost concentration in their task.

Our volunteer Ashok is a scientist and an inventor, but not a professional mountaineer.   He displays exemplary courage and confidence through the Divine Grace of God, as can be seen in the accompanying picture.  Climbing the 100-feet  Rajagopuram through the inside staircase, he comes out in the open to remove the vegetation growing there.  For him there is no acrophobia.  Nor did the blowing winds and scorching sun deterred him from finishing the task.

A magnified version of Ashok removing the wild growth in the Rajagopuram

In the afternoon session, the inner Sannadhis were cleaned using our high-pressure portable jet pump.  After finishing our lunch, we wound up our work to return home.

More Photos at the following link
Acharapakkam Uzhavarappani


  1. காலத்தினாற் செய்த நன்றி சிறிதெனினும்
    ஞாலத்தின் மாணப் பெரிது.

    பயன்தூக்கார் செய்த உதவி நயன்தூக்கின்
    நன்மை கடலின் பெரிது.

    ஆனால் அசோக்கிற்கு இறைப்பணி உயிரினும் பெரியது.

    எல்லாம் சிவன் செயல்
    - ராமச்சந்திரன்

  2. என் கடன் பணி செய்து கிடப்பதே!


  3. என் கடன் பணி செய்து கிடப்பதே!


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