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Saturday, January 18, 2014

அருள்மிகு குழந்தைவல்லி அம்மன் சமேத ஸ்ரீ கும்பேஸ்வரர் ஆலயம்

அருள்மிகு குழந்தைவல்லி அம்மன் சமேத ஸ்ரீ கும்பேஸ்வரர் ஆலயம்
அமைவிடம்:  சிற்றம்பாக்கம், கடம்பத்தூர் தாலுக்கா , திருவள்ளூர் மாவட்டம்
சென்னையில் இருந்து செல்லும் வழி : பூந்தமல்லியிலிருந்து பேரம்பாக்கம் வரை மாநகர பேருந்துகள் செல்கின்றன.  அங்கிருந்து சுமார் மூன்று கி.மீ தொலைவில் இத்திருக்கோவில் அமைந்துள்ளது.
உழவாரப்பணி நாள்: 22.12.2013.  

We had  written about this seventh century  temple in our  earlier  post of March 17, 2013 HERE   The local villagers, with great efforts,  have been able to complete a major portion of the renovation work and the Kumbabishegam is to be held within the next two months. 

We had offered our services for doing the painting and white washing work.  The first batch of volunteers reached Perambakkam on the previous night itself along with all the requisite materials.  The owners of Meenakshi Ramakrishnan Kalyana Mandapam at Peramabakkam were kind enough to accommodate  our team for the overnight stay there.  Other team members  came directly to the temple next morning to join the uzhavarappani.

The work of our volunteers is better depicted by the photos uploaded here.  Incidentally, a young and energetic lady reporter from the Tamil Spiritual Magazine--Sakthi Vikatan joined us to have a first hand account of our group's activities.  After interacting with various members of our team and taking photographs, she happily joined us in our painting work.
 What we have done is only the primary coat of painting.  We will again visit this temple a week before the Kumbabishegam to give a final  finishing touch.
The temple tank in need of renovation

An Appeal:  This temple has a beautiful tank, which is in a bad shape. For de-silting the tank and building strong bunds on all the four sides, the renovation committee is on the look out for donors.  Those who wish to participate in this Holy Kaingaryam are requested to contact any of the following renovation committee members:
1.  Shri Chengalvaraya Naidu - 94451 52916 
2. Shir Gajendra Naidu - 98845 41609
3. Shri Murugaiyan Mudaliar  - 044-2765 5233 
4. Shri Krishnan Mudaliar - 98435 25398  
5. Shri Udayakumar Mudaliar - 95781 40502

Contributions can also be directly sent to:
UCO Bank, Perambakkam 
SB Account No. 05170110021941 in the name of
SK SK Alaya Maiyam
IFSC Code: UCBA0000517

Additional Photos @ Chitrambakkam Uzhavarappani

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