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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nungambakkam Agastheeswarar Temple

With Divine Grace, the  Uzhavarappani at Shri Agastheeswarar Kovil, Nungambakkam commenced today around 08.00am.  more than 60 volunteers participated in the project and successfully completed the job of white washing and painting around 05.00pm in the evening.  

The job included the whitewashing of compound walls on both the sides, cleaning and white washing the walls of the main shrine, white washing the madapalli,  painting the various smaller shrines in the outer praharam and removal of accumulated grime and oil from the stands provided for lighting lamps in the Navagraha Sannadhi.  For removing the accumulated grime from the stands, this time, we used the process of a controlled-fire using cotton waste to burn out all the grime and oil.  Subsequently these stands were re-painted to give them a new look.

Last year too, around this time, we did similar uzhavarappani at this temple, but with a smaller band of volunteers.  At that time, we could not complete the process in a single day and had to come again the next week to finish it.  This time with the Blessing of  Lord Agastheeswarar, more volunteers joined and gave a helping hand to complete the task in a single day.  

The hereditary trustees Shri Kalyana Raghavan and Shri Radhakrishnan remained there in the temple  throughout the whole day and ensured that all the required  materials were made available to us in time. Due to a death in the Mada Veedhi, the temple remained closed for Darshan and Pooja during the day time and as a result, we could also finish the work at a faster pace, without fear of causing hindrance to the regular devotees.

A few snaps taken during our work can be seen at:

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