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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thiruvaiyaru Uzhavarappani

Sri-La-Sri Kumaraswamy Thambiraan of Dharmpura Aadheenam provided us a once in a life time opportunity of participating in the ongoing renovation works connected with the Kumbabishegam of Dharmasamvardhini Samedha Panchanadheeswarar Temple in Thiruvaiyaru.

Various Uzhavarappani groups throughout Tamilnadu have come down to Thiruvaiyaru during the last one month to contribute their share in whatever manner possible.  During the course of our work, we could see atleast four other groups that were going ahead with different types of work like white-washing, painting etc.

We were allotted the work of painting various grill gates.  Our pilot group with 15 volunteers reached Thiruvaiyaru with the required materials on 19.01.2013 itself and started the work form 10.15am, which continued till 9.00pm in the night.  Their job involved scrapping the iron grills and collapsible gates with emery sheets and applying primer wherever necessary.  This was done for the 20' tall grill enclosure for the Dwajasthambam in the main shrine, besides eight frames of the 8' x 12' iron mesh in the  Vada Kayilayam area. 


Our second group of 45 volunteers reached Thiruvaiyaru on the night of 19.01.2013 by a special bus and we all started the work on the morning of Sunday,  20.01.2013 by 06.30am.  At this point of time, we were joined by 35 volunteers from Indhu Aalayam Suththam Seiyum Iraippani Mandram from Mambalam, Chennai.

                                             Aluminium paint coating was given to all the surfaces scrubbed on the previous day.  In addition, scrubbing and aluminium pant coating was done to all the 16' high  grills surrounding the huge Baladhandayuthapani Sannadhi, another additional 18 wiremesh frames, collapsibe gates in the Natarajar Sannadhi and other nearby Sannadhis,  VadaKayilayam gates and the remaining finishing touches in the wire-mesh surrounding the temple tank.  All this work was finished by 1.30pm and we packed up.

Shri Kumaran and Shri Sendhil of Thiruvaiyaru provided us excellent co-operation and help.  Besides, Shri Venkatesh, a professional well experienced in large scale industrial painting, remained with us on both the days and offered us his expert guidance and timely tips, but for which, we would not have been able to finish this huge work in a limited time.  Our sincere thanks to him.

Having added two more days of our life in the service of the Divine God, we returned with a great sense of satisfaction.

Photos of our Thiruvaiyaru  visit have been uploaded in the web.   Please Click Here to view them.

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